Guraify GEO

Driven by the advanced technology of PTV Logistics, this service redefines route optimization and operational planning across various sectors with a special focus on transportation. In addition to an extensive library to manage geospatial data and apply it to the operational processes of companies. 

Highlighted Features:

Last-Mile route optimization

Guraify Geo uses the cutting-edge technology of PTV Logistics to offer precise route optimization and efficient operational planning. Your operation has never been so agile.

Developer's library

Customization of maps and advanced algorithms

Our service, provided through a web service, allows developers to enhance their applications with customized maps and advanced algorithms. Customization reaches new levels to solve complex challenges.

Application in geomarketing and visit planning

Guraify Geo is not limited to transportation; it extends to geomarketing and visit planning, being essential for commercial networks, technical maintenance, distribution fleets, among others.

Guraify - Services - GEO

This tool is key to enhancing efficacy in your business. Imagine a map that adapts to your needs and algorithms that solve your most complex challenges. Guraify Geo gives you the competitive edge you were looking for.

     Transform your operations today with Guraify Geo!

     Transform your operations today with Guraify Geo!